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Sign Permits

Obtain a Sign Permit

The Sign Ordinance regulates business signage within the City of Manor and the ETJ, and businesses are required to obtain a permit for most permanent signs. The objective of the Sign Ordinance is to maintain and enhance the community's overall aesthetic environment, to minimize possible adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property, and to improve pedestrian and traffic safety.

A sign may only be erected, placed, established, painted, created, or maintained in a manner that conforms with the Sign Ordinance.

Some types of temporary signs, such as banners, may also require a permit. For more information on the permitting of signs, contact the Development Services Department.

What are the requirements for submitting a sign permit application?

  • Provide a drawing of the sign including Height, Width and Copy. 
  • Provide a Plot Plan or Site Plan showing the location of any proposed signs not attached to any building. 
  • Provide a drawing of the elevation of the building and the location of any sign attached to a building.

All signs that are a part of a uniform or unified sign plan approved by the Planning Commission must indicate compliance with the approved plan. 

How long does it take to receive a sign permit?

It generally takes about 10 business days to obtain a permit. However, sign permits requiring a Uniform or Coordinated Sign Plan approval will take longer due to application processes that include Planning Commission approval. The Planning Commission meets once a month.

This content is adapted from the Development Services Department website.